How to Find Untapped Markets

March 11, 2011 by  

In the world of internet marketing there’s a lot of money still to be made. There are many untapped markets and unsaturated markets just ripe for the picking. The trick is to find these markets and make the best use of them.

Here are a few ideas to find untapped markets:

Explore Gender Differences In Markets
Many markets are marketed with a gender specific attitude. However, when considered from the other gender’s perspective there may be additional opportunities. For example, the stay at home mom market is huge however, there are many stay at home dads now who are feeling left out and neglected. This provides prime opportunities to tap this yet to be tapped market.

Explore Language or Nationality Differences
Like gender differences, many markets focus on one nationality or ethnic group. The reality is that there are many opportunities when you open up a market to include or even target a specific nationality or language.

For example, in the previous point we spoke about stay at home moms & dads. If that same topic were approached to target Spanish speaking stay at home parents it would tap a potentially untapped market. Pages and content could be offered in Spanish and English and topics could address cultural issues that may not be relevant to the general market.

Explore Age and Other Demographic Opportunities
Various demographics like age and median income offer various market opportunities. Keeping with the stay at home parent example, older stay at home parents may be an untapped market. They likely have different needs and a different lifestyle than younger parents. Additionally, some markets can be approached locally.

For example, if you’re interested in offering a parenting website in general and you live in Austin, Texas you can have a parenting in Austin, Texas website. This local niche helps you become number one on the search engines quickly and offer unique information to your audience.

Finally, in addition to seeking a unique approach to a market to create or find an untapped market, staying on top of trends can also provide a valuable and profitable untapped market. Who knew a few years ago that “Quitting Facebook” would be such an in demand market and now you can find very popular websites on the topic. Staying on top of trends and predicting their future can create untapped markets.

Additionally, spending time on the keyword tools can offer unique insight to emerging or potential untapped markets.

The key to finding these markets is to look at opportunities from a broad minded perspective. Think outside of the box and explore the potential within already existing markets. There is untapped potential around every corner.